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Area 51 is a military testing facility and the development of highly classified (top secret), which is operated by the United States Air Force. Area 51 is located in the area of ​​training and testing in Nevada. Location Area 51 is located at the Lincoln Country 115.5 km north of Las Vegas with a broad range of 103 square kilometers. Location Area 51 was once a former lake that had dried in the Nevada desert, called Groom Lake. Why the place was known as AREA 51?
According to some sources, as the area numbered 51 chance they will be located in grid 51 at a map of Nevada, and still others say the number 51 comes from the classification of a BOM which numbered 49, 50, 51, 52 etc, so there they have Area 49, Area 50 , ff. Area 51 was founded in 1955 that was originally intended to test the development of spy planes the United States U-2 Series of newly created. After U2, came a series of experiments pesawat2 sophisticated type, for example a project called Project Black (Black Project) which consists of the Blackbird series aircraft, serial Stealth Fighter and Stealth series Bomber. Blackbird Series is a continuation of the U-2 series that began in 1962 with a design type A-12 and SR-71. For example, type SR-71 has a cruising speed reached 3500 km / h with an effective cruising altitude of 4830 km. Stealth Fighter series is the first stealth fighter aircraft designed in the late 1970's. The aircraft is very well operate at night. Very well known type is the F-117 Nighthawk. Stealth Series or stealth aircraft is an idea for free from radar observations. Aircraft cruising speed is around 1040 km / h with a good height as far as 2110 km. Achievement of operation has been demonstrated in the Gulf War and was commissioned to carry out the targets that have been mature. Stealth Series Bomber stealth aircraft is a continuation of the Stealth Fighter series that has been developed extensively. Series stealth aircraft known this is the type of Black Manta and B2. Cruising range is faster and more difficult to arrest the radar of the Stealth Fighter series. Although even so, the attack strategy still depends on information from the target.

area 51
Area 51 Long Range Shot

Well, when it's clear the origins and uses, why this place still said full of mystery? Without adding about sky phenomena contraption around Area 51, the existence of a location they have been very, very strange. Thousands of people have watched it (with a slip or from a distance), and even satellite images confirm the existence of that place. But, the U.S. government firmly declared "Area 51 does not exist", not in the official financial report, the federal government budget, state section, or any armed forces. Even the U.S. Congress had not received any report the existence of that location. But the U.S. has become public knowledge (even worldwide) that the area exists! Area 51-full phenomenon advanced technology (especially technology aircraft), but never acknowledged by the government though has been known in very general (even through film2) that makes the development of various issues or opinions about the 'phantom government', 'C-theory' to most sensational
is the theory of 'Alien-government'. Area 51 as a center of research and trials of the most advanced technologies the U.S. (world?) Was rumored to have been moved to an area in Utah. But obviously in this case there is no source of reply can be sure to remember the 'watchers' (the peoples who enthusiast the mystery about Area 51) is still frequently see strange phenomena, the sky around the area they will be (a light, unidentified aircraft, etc.). According to rumors circulating, AREA 51 in addition to be used as a center for research and development for the American weapons and equipment, the place is also famous as a center of inquiry Extraterrestrial base and UFOs. Starting from this view then AREA 51 gave birth to a conspiracy theory in itself. It is said that the AREA 51 is a place used by the aliens to enter into a partnership with humans. Many witnesses said, a strange phenomena in the sky around AREA 51 which often occurs at night is very strange. If the mysterious lights that fly back and forth in the sky area is the plane they will fly, so it is inconceivable that they can fly with the formation and movement like that. According to one eyewitness who never (even often) see these strange phenomena that says "This is too weird, it is not possible an aircraft capable of a moment of silence in the air, then in a matter of seconds later they had moved very quickly where the vertical and horizontal. " So it is not too surprising if the "watchers" called AREA 51 as a place for the landing of the UFO beings Extraterrestrial with her who wanted to do a conspiracy with humans (especially the workers at AREA 51 and the U.S. government itself).
area 51
area 51

Many people believe that humans have managed to establish contacts with extraterrestrials since the tragedy of the collapse of a UFO in the Roswell area in 1947 (known as the Roswell Incident 1947), but unfortunately, this is still too covered up by the USA goverment. As said by a Ufologist, Sean David Morton as head of the Union or EBE Biology Organization, that the Roswell incident in 1947 is the first and most important contacts with the extraterrestrial. Two years later, reportedly there are aliens who reported in 1949 about the crash that occurred on their co-owned aircraft, but later the alien is detained in a house and heavily guarded. Based on the results of interrogations conducted by experts to the Alien Pictograph they will be, and from there learned that they originated from the star Zeta reticular system. Then, at the end of 1996, the public returned to the leaking of a video of AREA 51: Alien Interview most likely carried out by "insiders". According to some sources, call it "Victor" (a pseudonym), an "insider" Praise be to allaah who argued the U.S. government has a lot of documentation of activities they will be activity area, one of the documentation obtained in the form of videos of aliens who are undergoing examination in the form of an investigation by local party. According to his testimony, Victor get a video copy of the video recorder they will be original and most secret recorded at Area 51. Due to a very big worry, then he never acknowledged as one of the workers in the area, and he also never specifically explain where the video was actually copying occurred. He still stresses that the video was obtained because of "data leakage" that occurs during displacement of video documentation of the mass when converted from analog video to digital video.

area 51 alien interview

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