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The Mystery Surrounding The Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle
Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle: Mysteries in the Atlantic Ocean

This is a great mystery in history. An area in the Atlantic Ocean region which claimed many victims. Reportedly hundreds of ships and aircraft lost in this area, disappeared completely without trace. Death zone known as the "Bermuda Triangle"!

They form an imaginary triangle zone covering an area of 4 million square kilometers. The triangle will be formed on a map if a line drawn from the Bermuda Islands (British territory) as a point in the north; headed to Puerto Rico (U.S.) as a point in the south, and then forwarded to Miami (State of Florida, USA) as a point in the west ; and the last line drawn from Miami to the Bahamas.

The story of the strangeness in the region "Atlantic Ocean" was not known for sure since when exactly, but a variety of stories that evolved from the time refer to the first voyage across the area southwest of Bermuda Islands.

Even Christopher Columbus had noted mystery going on here in ocean exploration cruise. In 1942, when Columbus moved to America, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean that includes the Bermuda Triangle region. He noted about the sea that looks weird even though the weather looks good. Compass ship its sudden onset of chaos, spinning aimlessly. Columbus records, on a night boat crew saw incandescent balls of fire in the sky that go at the sea. But all the voyage of Columbus fairly safe.

"According to other records, a British-flagged ship Atlanta (1880) reported disappear Bermuda Triangle region. All the passengers totaled hundreds of British sailors and Navy officers disappeared."

bermuda triangle
Bermuda Triangle

the bermuda triangle
The Bermuda Triangle

Then in October 1951, the tanker "Southern Isles" disappeared when sailing in convoy. Another convoy of ships only saw the light ship was the last time before it disappeared without a trace. Other incidents tanker "Southern Districts" drowning in the same way in December 1954. He disappeared without leaving a SOS when sailing through the Bermuda Triangle area heading north toward South Carolina.

There are many other ships that were reported missing in the region which has been nicknamed the "Triangle of Evil" (Devil's Triangle) it. No less than hundreds of ships disappeared without a trace at all. And not only ships, aircraft also did not escape from the ill-fated.

Call it the biggest is the loss of a squadron of U.S. Navy training aircraft, "Flight 19" on December 5, 1945. Five bombers were TMB-3 Avenger Grumman had disappeared along with 14 pilot and his crew. One incident in the world's most horrendous flight. Even a PBM Mariner seaplane that rescue mission was the fifth plane suffered a similar fate, lost in the Bermuda Triangle around its 13 crew and rescue team.

All ships or aircraft were reported missing in the Bermuda Triangle, the carcass was never found even the entire human victims also disappeared without a trace. This is what makes many experts dizzy and speculated about the cause of such an event could happen.

"Some Theory Explanation"
Until the year 1999 alone, there were still no large modern ship which disappeared without trace in the Bermuda Triangle. Many theories are then linked with the events that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle. In fact, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle yet nevertheless revealed until now.

bermuda triangle mystery
Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Of the many theories, there is mention of time bending theory, the gravitational field upside down, abrasion atmosphere, the theory of magnetic-gravity anomaly. In addition, there are theories about the phenomenon of sea earthquake, tidal wave attack, until the black hole (black-hole), which only occurs in outer space there. And there is also a link with UFOs and the disappearance of Atlantis Continent.

Of the many concepts and theories that attempt to explain natural phenomena that, it gives an explanation Lawrence David Kusche controversial. In his book "The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solve" (1975), Kusche break all supposition and speculation theories put forward to the Bermuda Triangle. He further considers the events that occurred in the region have been exaggerated.

Some conclusions Kusche: ships and aircraft reported missing in the area is not so significantly large when compared to what happened in other parts of the ocean. He states, in areas that experience frequent tropical storms, the number who lost most of it is not very conspicuous nor is mysterious.

Kusche opinion, the figures show the number of victims themselves tend to exaggerate the results of research. For example, a missing boat, but eventually he returned and are not reported. He also 'satirical' writers who exaggerate about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle because although the data is less or misinterpretation for the sake of sensation.

mystery of bermuda triangle
Mystery Of Bermuda Triangle

Whatever the story, at least keep the Bermuda Triangle Mystery. Many experts are still reviewing this natural phenomenon. Still need a scientific explanation that can answer all the big questions without hesitation.

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