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Chest Pain in Women | Causes

Chest pain in women, crossing forty years of age, may or may not be a prognostication (sign) of heart attack, and hence shouldn’t be ignored anymore by the women. Aiming at alerting the women (forty-plus in age) against all the chances of heart-attack, following a mild to sharp pain in their chest, this article is sharing many of its causes/conditions (common and serious) that has got to of great help in dealing with the painful condition of chest.
Going by a figure of heart attacks all over the world we find the men much susceptible to cardiac-disease but women too are not far behind their male-counterparts as chest pain is felt commonly by a large number of women in the world. Despite presumed to be a sign of heart-attack, occurrence of pain in the females’ chest, may not be a prognostication of heart attack or cardiac arrest. But its occurrence still may be a repercussion of some critical health complication including stress, anxiety, hormonal disorder, blood-pressure, randomize blood-sugar, etc, that are the explicit signs of heart-disease. Why the chest pain in women is needed to be dwelt on? As mentioned previously the chest pain in women cannot be a sign of cardiac arrest, except an effect of other complications or emotional disorder, it still needs prompt remedial treatment. Be whatsoever the cause triggering pain in woman’s chest it has got to be noxious somehow as it’s both the causes and the effects on a woman’s health are not favorable even in the least. Even if the pain in a woman’s chest is caused due to her passing through immense emotional-trauma, its effect on her health has got to be contrary in the long run. There is no need to explain why cardiac related pain should be brought into the notice of cardiac-expert forthwith as heart-failure is the only menace which makes everyone concerned with cardiac-patient take chest pain seriously and do everything at best to prevent the condition. Shooting pain in men, be it left-sided chest pain or left arm pain, is usually taken as a sign of cardiac arrest but the women, affected with such type of pain, may still be far from heart attack. Chest pain in the women, even if is not taken as a precursor of heart-attack, its emergence may be the outcome of contrary effects of physical or psychological (emotional) degradation. Common Causes of Chest Pain in Men & Women Aware of chest-pain as a sign of heart-attack, the woman’s becoming apprehensive of cardiac arrest, due to mild or intensive pain in their chest is spontaneous. But there are still innumerable women who, despite suffering from vigorous pain in their chest, are not consternated anymore of any kind of serious health condition. Do you know, why? It is due to theirs being unaware of the causes of heart attack or chest pain, considered usually to be a sign of cardiac arrest. Chest pain, though is supposed to be a sign of pending heart-attack in men, its occurrence in women (even forty plus) may be beyond what it is notorious for. If you are a forty-plus woman and encounter sharp pain in your chest unconditionally, you shouldn’t get much obfuscated and rather should muster the patience to deal with the condition as may be the outcome of serious health complications, rather than being a prognostication of cardiac-arrest. Following are the common conditions causing chest pain both in the men and the women. Pain caused in any one of the specific internal-organs, such as heart, lung and esophagus, may be the cause of chest pain occurring in women. Complex nerve distribution – It also is one of the common conditions causing pain in the chest of women. Such condition may trigger a mild to severe pain in women’s heart but it still may not be the sign of cardiac arrest. Abdominal pain – Though it is not actually abdominal pain, its occurrence, whether due to gas or improper physical posture, has got to trigger pain in the woman’s chest. Serious Causes of Chest Pain (fatal in effect) in Men & Women Here’s conditions target actually the men but women also are prone to it. The pain in the left-sided chest even if is not the sign the heart-attack its association with other critical conditions cannot be ruled out. Let’s have a look at some causes of chest pain affecting both the men and the women. Following are the conditions causing chest pain (fatal in effect) in both the men and the women. Cardiac arrest – The women though are less susceptible to such condition it can affect them by causing chest pain. It occurs due to blockage of blood flow into the coronary arteries (heart) following which oxygen is supplied exuberantly to the heart increasing the chances of heart’s strong muscles to be damaged. Angina – It is the chest-pain itself to be caused due to scarcity of oxygenated blood in the heart. Matching with the same process (mentioned above) such condition occurs due to heavy physical exertion and gets improved naturally with proper rest. Aortic dissection – Aorta’s dissection cuts-off the supply of oxygenated blood into the crucial organs of internal parts of body, such as brain, heart, kidney and intestine, following which there occurs a pressure which causes chest pain in the men and the women. Such condition is very serious as it causes bleeding profusely and interrupts natural flow of blood as well, causing thereby pain within the chest. Pulmonary embolism. Spontaneous pneumothorax. Perforated viscus – It is kind of a hole to be caused on gastrointestinal tract following which air enters into abdominal cavity and causes irritation in the diaphragm, to be felt as the chest pain by the men and the women. Cocaine-caused chest pain – As the cocaine causes a constriction in the blood vessels there emerges chest pain in women and women. Acute pericarditis – It occurs due to extreme inflammation of pericardium. Pneumonia – It causes lung infection following which there emerges vigorous pain in the chest of men and women. Randomization in esophagus. Gastro esophageal reflux disease. Microvascular dysfunction and endothelial dysfunction also are the causes of chest pain in women and men, but not of serious nature.

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