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UFO Pictures | Real UFO Pictures

UFO Pictures | Real UFO Pictures
I have been concerned about the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena since the 1970s, I read many books, many of the top authors in the field, including those from: Valley, Strieber, Hopkins, Imbrogno, and several tons of other authors. The phenomenon appears to be growing every year more and more, and reports the actual encounter with UFO's and non-Earth life from around the world, not to mention the report of crop circles.

The UFO may increase or they may not, one thing at a dramatic rate of growth is technology, allowing people to catch and sightings, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, a host computer and other equipment. Perhaps the real increase in sightings of the technology, rather than their tracks, but this, like most areas of the UFO phenomenon, will continue to debate.

In addition to the speed of the UFO sightings increase, there is another branch of the same areas, which seems to be in the fast pace of growth is that we are at the edge of a big news release by the U.S. president or other government agencies that UFO's and alien visiting Earth, in other words, we are at the edge of UFO disclosure.

I have been reading about UFO disclosure since the late 70s, early I started to read and study the UFO phenomenon, it's self. What is the main reason for UFO disclosure report, according to most people think it's coming? Hollywood and movies. If you go back over the past years of research, you will read reports, books, magazines and other publications in a number of major authors or the so-called experts in the field of UFO country, UFO disclosure about to be released.

UFO Pictures

ufo pictures
UFO Pictures

ufo pictures
UFO Pictures 2011

If you do a little bit of careful study before you will find that the disclosure of UFO fever speed increased, there has been a major film distribution and UFO or alien theme, this example: Close encounter of the third class (1977) and ET alien (1982), that is until the current version, such as Independence Day (1996), the fourth (2009), Blue Sky (2010), there are at least two UFO - Alien movie in 2011 be released.

Therefore, as more and more such films to be released, more and more heat than UFO disclosure will rise, because people will say the government is behind the director in Hollywood, they pay tuition, or provide other incentives to create and release film UFO - ET theme, let the world on our mental preparation or ready to accept such a release of information the President or other government agencies.

This is just stupid, if you study the film over time, starting from the "Blue Sky (2010), and is ready to return to the original" War of the Worlds (1953), you will find that most of any UFO - ET movie unpleasant subject, far better than foreigners, to attack, colonial, or destruction of human beings, there are tons of great influence, and the main explosion, the scene of terror, excitement and action.

The only reason, Hollywood producers, directors or source of funds for these projects release more and more, these films, because they have a huge audience, and brings a lot of money. When you find a theme, such as UFO and alien invasion of Earth, this is a huge source of money, you will see more and more of these films being made, the only real disclosure, "Hey! These films to a lot of money!

If you really believe that disclosure of the next president or the U.S. Government a number of agencies, to stop and think about it! Over the years the years, because every morning as the main reporting UFO sightings and abduction of Betty and Barney Hill (1961), has not only thousands of UFO reports, but the kidnapping of foreigners, most of the species known as "Greys."

Real UFO Pictures
real ufo pictures
Real UFO Pictures

real ufo pictures 2011
Real UFO Pictures 2011

Reputable people not only from the United States, but around the world, UFO and abduction reports, these people from the police, doctors, lawyers, airline pilots and attach great importance to tons of other people, they are back with great credentials.

Each from the so-called alien UFO crash in Roswell in 1947, the Government of the United States after the time stated, there is no extraterrestrial UFO's, NO aliens visited Earth, then, that all the witnesses say that these UFO's Even airline pilots and other so much evidence, it said that they either mistakenly believe that they see, or they are lying, or worse.

The same thing is that those who reported kidnapped, they are either the information fed back from the hypnosis, or have lied about the incident, or their psychological state that they believe it has happened, even if it's just a fantasy, the Government said, There is no evidence that past and present any alien abductions, in fact folks laugh, and look completely crazy for 60 years, the U.S. government, so you really believe that with the government or the President, is to stand up and say, "Report on the UFO and has been a real alien! "Of course not. Is there such a state of confusion over the world, it will be worse, if aliens are real, and launched attacks around the world against us, the disclosure can not happen, will happen by the U.S. government or the President of the United States.

If UFOs are real, alien visit us, kidnapping humans and animals such as cattle, horses, the only way, disclosure may occur by the foreigners themselves, as a worldwide public landing or other opening, due to targeting Hundreds of giant spaceship and a time in major cities of the world.

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