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Unicorn | The Horned Horse

Unicorn | The Horned Horse. This one is truly a mystical creature that has a lot of legends. These creatures are usually described as a white horse with a spiral horn on his forehead, although the appearance and behavior is different from a horse, depending on location. In the western world, the unicorn is usually considered to be wild, while in the East is considered a peaceful, gentle and considered good luck. There is also a unicorn is described as a goat-like creature, with cloven hooves and beard.
The word "unicorn" is based on the Hebrew word re'em ("horn"), which in early versions of the Old Testament translated as "monoceros", meaning "one horn". And called "unicorn" in English.

Although known by many names around the world, no doubt, the unicorn has been a part of the mythology of the best known. The unicorn is a mythical creature that is full of hope and possibilities.

The Horned Horse:
the horned horse
The Horned Horse

Ch'i linChina
Alicorno (or Licorno)Italian

In the west, the unicorn was first mentioned in 398 BC by Ctesias, a Greek physician and historian of Persia and India. He traveled to the Persian court and stay there, and worked as a doctor for 17 years under two rulers. Upon returning to Greece in 398, began writing Persicha Ctesias, Assyrian-Babylonian history totaled 23 books and over a period of ancient Assyrian monarchy, the founder of the Persian empire, and the history of Persia to 398 BC. Although the material is collected from the Persian archives and state records, but credibility is dubious, because the legendary quality and the fact that the writing Ctesias clearly contrary to the chronology of the Greek historian Herodotus. The work Ctesias' no longer exists, except in the abstract prepared by the patriarch of Constantinople Photius (c.860). Ctesias also wrote the history of India based on reports from visitors to the Persian and Indian merchants and envoys to the Persian court. Although the legendary and only based on reports of others rather than direct observation, but that's the only relic from India systematically, until Alexander the Great invaded the country. According to Ctesias, unicorn lived in India. He described them as "a wild donkey of a horse, even bigger. Their bodies are white, their heads dark red and their eyes are blue. They have a horn on their forehead which is roughly half a meter in length." This explanation is based on stories of travelers, and it seems to be a mixture of Indian rhinoceros, the Himalayan antelope, and wild asses. Unicorn horn itself has been described has a white base, black in the middle and with a sharp tip is red. It is believed to have healing ability. Dust filed from the horn, is considered to be a deterrent or protective from many diseases and toxins and can even raise the dead. Among royalty and nobility in the Middle Ages, became quite fashionable to have a drinking cup made from the horn of the unicorn because it should be able to detect toxins.

And this is it! The Horned Horse (Unicorn):
real unicorn
Real Unicorn

the real unicorn
The Real Unicorn

the unicorn
The Unicorn

horned horse
Horned Horse
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