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The End Of The World

The End Of The World - Doom says or Scientific reason about the end of the world in 2012

the end of the world
The End Of The World

The event created by Hollywood is really shameful for humanity. The culprit has never fear to the hearts of their income and familiar life. Indoctrination propaganda declared false statements and projections should be prohibited by international laws. There should be strict monitoring of the assassin of the human spirit of peace. Millions of people were living with their intense fear of mystery. How tough are so consciously plan? Why did he not thought the whole country and for humanity. He must not so much selfish to strengthen this commitment terrible destruction, just as the story of his novel publicity. How their countries have ratified the nonsense sci-fi movie? This is a fact, how a person can do for mankind, who made the false and hypocrites of all education and knowledge. Who so ever concerned about the things people of the earth, should not be exempted from punishment of the crime, he passed all the terrible state of panic.

If any country's cultural and scientific knowledge can not help humans be so cruel to millions of innocent deception life.

The reason is that science may be the end of the world may be as follows:

The End Of The World

Asteroid / meteor / comet - the ancient, advanced civilization has a distinct advantage over us - they may have observed the sky longer, and may find a track, will eventually collide with Earth in 2012. This is the most easy to predict disaster in 2012. With the recent discussion of "dark comet", we have realized the possibility of our planet was hit with little or no warning.

Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), the sun - the sun behind a storm CME 1859. It took place in September of that year, resulting in the failure of telegraph systems in North America and Europe. Aurora is usually accompanied by the storm was only in the Arctic and Antarctic, but also clearly visible, south to the Caribbean. Usually we expect the magnitude of the storm caused power outages in 1859 and destroyed the satellite. But do we really know how much they can get? 2009, NASA told us that the solar storm alert, warning of danger to the United States, ancient overloaded power grid. Without power for a few months as in developed countries, is a lot more serious than most people realize.

Magnetic pole shift - most have been reversed, an average of once every 40 years, with the most recent being 73 years ago - so we have a full late. Not only do we not know much about reversal, our scientists are still uncertain how the magnetic field generated. Long been considered a by-product of the action in the liquid iron core of our planet, recent studies have shown that our salty ocean may be the cause. Scientists need a geomagnetic reversal thousands of years, does no harm. They are wrong - it can easily happen overnight. Without such a mechanism known magnetic exchange places. Our magnetic field is known to rapidly decrease (10% in the past 150 years), and the north magnetic pole is around to speed up the pace - it has been predicted that it will move from Canada to Siberia in the next 50 years. These changes may indicate an impending reversal.

Explosions, black hole in the center of the galaxy - 1983 Paul 罗博士拉维 Ao Laite described the danger of galactic core explosion. He explained that it will produce cosmic rays superwave, it will send a signal through the gamma-ray bursts (see below). He also warned us that gravitational waves may travel in advance superwave. If 2004 is likely to be caused by gravitational waves of the tsunami, because with only 21 hours after the GRB arrival, and is the brightest ever observed, 100 times brighter than any other seen in recorded history. Such gravitational waves do not come from the center of our galaxy, but if so, may impact will be more severe.

Religious revelation - or ecstasy, or "eschatology." Most religions have predicted such a day. Conspiracy theorists believe that the apocalyptic beliefs of many world leaders, perhaps even attempt to create a Bible prophecy in 2012 to achieve through their actions. If it helps, the Bible says: "But that day, hour knoweth no one, not even the angels of heaven, whether it is his son, but his father only." But then again, maybe God changed his mind, because the Bible is written , and tell some of the date of inspiration? Perhaps he told the ancient Mayans? Possibility can be said that the cycle.

Alien invasion - there is no evidence, but a lot of followers! With, in this recent crop circles in 2012 and Maya are topics. If the alien crop circle creators, then one would expect the community to be a warning of the sort. UFO Pictures | Real UFO PicturesArea 51

Gamma-ray burst (GRB) - 2004, a study tells us that a GRB from a distance of only a half-kpc may destroy Earth's ozone layer. This shows that the history of mass extinctions may be caused by GRBs. NASA describes how "gamma-ray radiation from a relatively nearby star explosion, hitting the Earth is only ten seconds, can consume up to half of the protective ozone layer in the atmosphere, recovery may take at least five years, with the ozone layer damage, ultraviolet radiation from the sun can kill most life on land and near the surface of the oceans and lakes, destruction of the food chain. "

Crustal displacement physical pole shift. This mechanism is not understood, most theories are just wild speculation. However, it seems likely that we have a 12,000 years ago, what goes around, comes around. Charles Hapgood provided substantial evidence for the polar shift was, and Allan and Delair increased it in their book Cataclysm! : Convincing evidence of cosmic catastrophe, 9500 BC taking into account the Einstein agreed with Hapgood's ideas, we have some concerns.

Cosmic rays - which scientists have yet to identify the source of highest energy cosmic rays. Both increase the striking atmosphere, or weaken our shield, will allow more cosmic rays. They have been compressed into your body every second, they may end up being our silent killer. As an example, their risk, airlines do not allow pregnant women to work intercontinental routes, because of the increased exposure to cosmic rays height.

Influenza pandemic, it may not swine flu, but the researchers say, is a deadly influenza pandemic situation, if not, but when. Our generation often do not know how bad the pandemic of 1918 - which killed 50 people. This is the number one cause of death among soldiers in the First World War. The enemy were killed came second.

Nuclear war / WW3 / Biological Warfare Although the Cold War has ended, and less bunker under construction, is still very real threat. Tensions between the two Koreas, India and Pakistan is worrying, because it is a huge bunker, Russia has been established. The Yamantau complex large enough to protect the 60,000 people!

Supervolcano - these are real, they have caused great disasters in the past, we do not know when the next eruption. Some people think that Yellowstone could erupt again soon, as it has been showing signs of unrest, and earthquake swarms, ground deformation, and a lot of heat and gas emissions. It it is not broke, half of the United States is expected to be eliminated, and a major global climate change for years. For more information, watch the documentary by the BBC and Discovery Channel.

Rise of the Machines, between the Terminator robot, I am a simple prediction: one day robots will be able to rule the world. Are we stupid enough to allow it to happen?

Global warming will only need to add a couple of degrees, to make life very difficult for most people. Fortunately, it is impossible to destroy us, as soon as possible in 2012.

Time travel mistake, someone from the future to our past business, and lead to conflict of space-time continuum ... if it gives us the damage in 2012, perhaps it was trying to compress time and early warning of the ancients it?

Nanotechnology - which may have a health problem, in daily use, the product (ie the sun), the end of the risk when self-replicating small thingies development. Search "gray goo." Fortunately, a number of 2012 seems too early mad scientist, let loose cushions.

Nearby supernova - experts say there is no candidate supernova close enough to hurt us. But they have many supernova observations? This is, after scientists announced that "But of course!"

GM - we blindly adopt vaccination, and we may be sheep when it comes to "gene therapy" as well. We want to live no longer possible to just overthrown.

Nuclear accident - nothing is foolproof. We already have such incidents in the past, a bigger surprise is entirely possible. The ancients difficult to predict, though.

Ice Age - is now the buzz is about "global warming", but only thirty years ago we worried about an impending ice age. There is evidence that some of our climate system works like a switch than dial-up, if the temperature reaches a certain level, it may lead to what is known as "abrupt climate change." To see the movie "day after tomorrow" how could work.

The solar system falling apart (Butterfly Effect) - the best of our knowledge, everything is OK for a long time. However, simulation shows how mercury can cause the collision of Earth and Mars billions of years. But throw a stray comet or Planet X into the mix, and our solar system could become catastrophic pinball machine any old time.

Large Hadron Collider - something scientists tinkering, they believe they understand the risks, but if there is a 0.000001% chance of the black hole calculation is wrong? Is it worth the risk? Originally we are from the CERN scientists say that this is not a black hole (which may engulf the entire planet) to build the LHC, because it "would decay before the opportunity to do any damage." This has recently been updated to "grow the size of the black hole does not seem to be catastrophic."

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